The Victorian Perioperative Nurses Group (VPNG) was founded in July 1957 as the Theatre Sisters Section, a subgroup of the Royal Victorian College of Nurses (RVCN) and later became known as the Operating Room Nurses Section (ORNS) in 1971.

In 1991, the ORNS amended its constitution to become the VPNG. In 2016 VPNG became an incorporated company and the 5 executive became the directors of VPNG Inc.

VPNG also received charitable status in 2016.

VPNG Presidents:
1957-58 Ms June Allen
1959-60 Ms Amy Johnson
1960-61 Ms Freda Crandall
1961-62 Sister Rosarii
1962-64 Ms Margaret Brown
1964-65 Ms Murriel Jefferies
1965-67 Ms Dorothea Burnett
1967-69 Ms Mary Barry
1969-71 Ms Marge Bennetts
1971-73 Sister Mary Felix Thorburn
1973-75 Ms Marea Fennell
1977-79 Ms Pauline Bennett
1979-80 Ms Joan Cooney
1980-82 Ms Chloe Forsyth
1982-84 Ms Jackie Dalzell
1984-86 Ms Marea Fennell
1986-88 Ms Marilyn Cornish
1988-90 Ms Claire Collins
1990-92 Ms Bernadette Brennan
1992-94 Ms Leonie Lorenz
1995-96 Ms Helen Barallon
1996-98 Ms Michele Cullen
1998-00 Mr Jorge Acevedo-Rodriguez
2000-02 Ms Marilyn Schroeder
 2002-04 Ms Lesley Gilbert
2004-06 Ms Helen Barallon                        
2006-08 Ms Judith Bridges
2008-10 Ms Nanette Lundie
2010-12 Mr Daniel Scholtes
2012-17 Dr Patricia Nicholson
2017-19 Ms Jane Thomas
2019-21            Ms Tarryn Armour
2021-23 Ms Elyse Coffey
2023-25 Ms Karolin King
Interested in the history of VPNG?

Unmasked, by Carollyn R. Williams



A history of the Victorian Perioperative Nurses Group, by Carollyn R Williams looks at the 50 year history of VPNG from its humble beginnings on the evening of 31 July 1957, where a group of 30 theatre sisters met at the Coronado Nurses Home of The Alfred Hospital.

Enjoy Carollyn Williams’ historical account for the memories it engenders, the knowledge it displays, the respect it shows for our predecessors and the inclusiveness it brings to those of us who are perioperative nurses.

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The Victorian Perioperative Nurses Group acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional owners of the land and acknowledges and pays respects to the Elders past, present and emerging.

VPNG is comitted to safe and inclusive workplaces, policies and services for people of LGBTIQ communities and their families.

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